Few things travel faster than the speed of light. Perhaps a message from the heart? Fortunately, Lasvit has an uncanny way of combining two of these most precious energies held so dear by humanity. Their glass, crystalline sculptures are exquisite formations designed with a mission, whether to spread a message of hope or fortune, to play with wishes and make dreams come true. It is up to the visionary artisans of Lasvit, in Bohemia to take a client’s inspiration and turn it into a fantasy manifested. Where there is love there is light and the passion and commitment that can be found in all of the creations show the care of a masters touch.

Imperial Palace Saipan – Dragons

There is a legend in Chinese mythology that two dragon exist and are found fighting over a flaming pearl. With this ancient storybook vision came the inspiration behind the two massive crystalline dragons floating in the Imperial Palace of Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands. The active seismic zone presents its own challenges but Lasvit designers Tana Dvorakova and Adam Kohout rose to the occasion, working with interior desgners, Steelman Brothers, who created the overall design concept for the Imperial Palace.

” Spanning over 60 meters and weighing 40 tons, this crystal, gem-studded sculpture featuring two flying dragons is the largest installation we have ever made. In the beginning it was “just” a combination of stainless steel, gold and crystals. But eventually it came together in 2,5 million of crystals covering the titan gold scales on the dragon’s body. Each crystal is furthermore illuminated and can change color, so the dragon can be “dressed” in green or red almost instantly.”

LASVIT: Dragons

“It took us a while to realize that we had to play with every detail on the dragon like with a separate jewel.,” – Tana Dvorakova


Hong Kong has been many things over time and remains as an icon of the ever changing Asian civilization. At one time a thick smoke covered the community from industrialization and now today, as the smoke has cleared, the K11 Musea comes as a breath of fresh air since it is a green building and has chosen a unique, even steampunk style, of a lighting chandelier to welcome guests and serve as a reminder of the past.

Lasvit: Lighting Machine

“The composition of the chandelier proceeds from the aesthetics of the old port and the railway junction. It is the genius loci of the place materialized in the lighting installation, reminding the visitors of the location’s heritage and spirit. The whole object is a living, breathing organism – it pulsates, turns its light on and off, steam leaks from some tubes,” – Maxim Velčovský.

Lasvit: Lighting Machine

This inspired design boast over 330 meters of metal tubing, twisting and turning in mind-bending ways with a delicate, milky light bulb at the tip of the tubes, seemingly lingering like a droplet of water. And with a final nod to the industrial age steam randomly is released at the ends of certain tubes, as guests watch the fog play with the light and turns the chandelier into misty, veiled homage of what came before.

Lasvit: Dandelions

These lighting projects are just a few of the exceptional and breathtaking work that Lasvit has developed over the years. From the gorgeous giant dandelion installations at the Changi Airport in Singapore to a fluttering swirl of colorful flower pendants delicately adding a sense of playful whimsy in a posh residence in the UK, the projects are as varied as ones imagination.

Lasvit: Dandelions

While these flights of fancy are striking to say the least the Lasvit family also creates items delicate enough to properly show off a single bud, with their handblown glass collections, teaming up with designers such as the Campana Brothers.

Lasvit: Esher Residence


Photo Credits: Lasvit