As the sun begins to shine stronger every day we are naturally drawn to fantasies dripping in light and studded in glimmering mirages. It’s the perfect time to dive into the dreamscape “Golden Oasis” created by Piaget, their sonnet to summer, that leaves no jewel unfaceted. A collection with three chapters; Play Of Light, Desert Minerals, and Native Bloom, each a story in their own right. It’s a celebration of the sun, the earth and everything in between.

Play Of Lights dances on the spectral edge of sunrise and sunset where every color is possible.

PIAGET: Play Of Light – Desert Sunbow Earrings
PIAGET: PLay Of Light – Blazing Lights

“Inspired by the mysterious curves of a breath-taking desert landscape, Golden Oasis captures the vivid light and intense hues from dusk till dawn. It invites a captivating journey across vast desert.”


Desert Minerals explores the deep. The richness hidden in the desert floor is at your fingertips.

PIAGET: Desert Minerals – Secret Waters Timepiece
PIAGET: Desert Minerals – Diamond Veil
PIAGET: Native Bloom – Vegetal Laces Timepieces

PIAGET: Native Bloom – Luxuriant Oasis Necklace

“In celebration of nature, Golden Oasis channels life into three distinctive facets of this beckoning environment: Play of Lights, Desert Minerals and Native Bloom. Harnessing Piaget’s artisanal craftsmanship and visionary imagination, this collection bursts with energy and splendour in gold and vivid gemstone details.”


Native Bloom proves that you can blossom anywhere.

PIAGET: Native Bloom – Vegetal Laces
PIAGET: Golden Oasis