GIFT GUIDE: Father’s Day

In celebration of father’s everywhere.

Dad’s are as diverse as their children. Maybe he was jock in college, maybe an art student or maybe being your mom’s high school sweetheart was one of his most important defining moments, either way fate aligned him to be your foundation and compass through life’s stormy seas and scary dreams. Let’s take the time to really appreciate all he did for you. After all, he did teach you to say please and thank you.

Here is a list of some of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas.


For The Hipster Father


Psst! Word on the street is that your dad was a hipster before there was even a word for it. He just always had that cool cat vibe. Untraditional, quirky, walking to the beat of his own drum. That is probably why he was so supportive of some of your more daring ideas. For such a unique man he should have a unique drink. Monkey 47 is the prefect dry gin that totally gets who he is. With 47 ingredients blended and distilled on a mountainside of Southern Bavaria, Germany, this is not your average barrel of laughs, it’s a botanical symphony for cocktails of rare proportions.


For The Sporty Father

They say he was born with a basketball in his hand. Catching the game was non-negotiable and he’ll never forget the day you hit your first softball. For the dad who is your biggest cheerleader in the game of life, why not give him one of the most luxurious, handstitched basketballs he’s ever seen. The American made brand of LeatherHead takes sports craftsmanship to the next level creating basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs and gloves, that are heirloom worthy but strong enough to still shoot some hoops with the man who taught you to shoot for the stars.


For The Cinematic Father

Movie night, popcorn and reciting his favorite lines the next day, your dad never let a blockbuster go unseen. He just loved all those action packed scenes, last minute rescues and, of course, the hero gets the girl. He even helped you rehearse your lines for the school play and you remember seeing him saying them along with you when you were on stage. For your personal hero the British luxury cashmere brand N.Peal has something that will keep him smiling. The most famous cool, calm and collected man in Her Majesty’s Service has been seen wearing none other than N. Peal in quite of few of his movies. The brand has released a James Bond Collection featuring looks from the silver screen. It’s perfect for dad, because you know he always secretly wanted to dress like….. Bond, James Bond.


For The Aesthetic Father

Trudon – L’OEUF Diffuser – Gallery

He has always had an innate sense of beauty and it showed in how well he kept your home looking just so. The finer things in life seemed to just magnetize themselves to him and he was always excited to show you his latest project. When you were putting together your admission to art school he was right there helping you organize everything and reminding you that art is in the details. Trudon’s refinement is a perfect gift for the perfect gentleman. Imagined and designed by Dimitri Smillenko for Trudon, L’Œuf is a handcrafted home collectible inspired by ancient Cabinets of Curiosities and made of unglazed porcelain with a matte finish. Dad will enjoy the luxurious unboxing and of course think of you every time he walks into his study.


For The Eco-Friendly Father

AESOP: Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet

He dreamed of driving an electric car before Tesla came on the scene. Solar power? Check. Gardening is his happy place and he would always take you to the farmer’s market every Sunday to get locally harvested veggies for your lunch. You remember that there was always a copy of Mother Earth News on the coffee table beside the morning smoothies he made for you two; extra blueberries, just like you like. He encouraged you to go on that cross country road trip but also reminded you to take only pictures and leave only footprints. Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet is the perfect sustainable self-care gift for the man who remembered to take care of everyone else.

These are our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas. If you have some other suggestions leave them in the comments box below.