EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Miguelina Gambaccini

Spas in the canyon, cabanas on the beach with gauzy curtains floating, secret island coves, seaside shops painted in sun-bleached shades of shells. Idyllic locales call for fitting fashions and the Miguelina brand in particular has been seen floating around exclusive resort settings the world over. This jet-setting, star-studded style turns heads with an almost silver screen aura. Whether you have a long list of movie credits behind your name or maybe you’re a low key diva, Miguelina has most likely found it’s way into your suitcase, with your stylist’s approval, of course.

You’ll be happy to know that this year they have launched their first lounge wear collection, bringing their timeless beauty to your slow Sunday afternoons. The three tiers that make up Miguelina at Home are stretchy silk intimates, soft handknits, and crinkle gauze. All designed to complement each other and be our go-to pieces as we wander about our
personal space. Each piece is locally made in New York City, with the exception of the knits, which are part of the Miguelina Global project and made by women knitters in Argentina.

We had the opportunity to chat with the designer Miguelina Gambaccini, as she shares her thoughts on making purposeful fashion.

You seem to have a powerful love of texture, where texture is the pattern. Do you feel most designers overlook this facet of fashion?  

Yes, I do. I think other brands overlook texture because it’s time consuming. But each of our laces and fabrics has a story and is designed and custom-made in our studio. We are definitely purveyors of slow fashion. We believe the added effort is worth it.

What moved you to start working with women’s cooperatives around the world to create your designs?

The Miguelina brand is inspired by my passion to travel the world. I actually conceived the idea when I was in Thailand for my honeymoon in 1998. My wanderlust is a part of who I am, and so is my dedication to giving something back to the world and its global communities.

Did you always want to be a fashion designer? 

Not at all! But I grew up having my dresses custom-made so I started to learn about fit and fabrics at the age of six. I also used to pore over fashion magazines. I imagine it all came together quite organically.

You recently launched your first intimates collection, was it a different creative process than your previous collections?

Romance and intimates have always been in the DNA of the Miguelina brand — the new Miguelina at Home collection is simply a natural evolution. Considering everyone is spending more time at home and creating their own sanctuaries right now, the timing is perfect.

There is such femininity in your work, who is your inspiration?

The Miguelina girl is my biggest inspiration. She has a love for life and travel, she’s adventurous, authentic, romantic, and beautiful inside and out.

Who is the Miguelina woman? 

The Miguelina woman has a love for life and travel. She’s adventurous, authentic, romantic, and beautiful inside and out.

Since you love to travel where is your favorite place to visit in the world?

I could never name just one, so I love Paris in the fall, Mexico in the winter, and spring in the South of France. I love the idea of an endless summer.

Has there been a particularly standout and memorable event, (such as a red carpet), that made you feel truly excited and proud of your work?

When Jennifer Lopez broke up with Ben Affleck she was wearing a Miguelina dress. She looked just beautiful, strong and feminine at the same time, and every woman wanted to look like her. We couldn’t make enough of those dresses!

As a successful female fashion designer what advice would you give to young women interested in a career in fashion and the arts? 

That’s easy, do your own thing. Don’t try to be someone else. Authenticity is everything.