GIFTS: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

So, you are in love. Maybe it’s new. Or maybe it’s time tested and true. Cupid has done his job and now it’s up to you to fan the flames of romance, as such delicate things as hearts often need reminding just how precious they truly are. Luckily, the season of love is upon us and there is nothing that turns up the heat more than beautiful and thoughtful tokens of one’s affections.

So, slip into something more comfortable and come along with us as we present our curated Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


Maybe it was Shakespeare or maybe it was Aphrodite, who chose to place the rose as Queen of the Flowers, either way any Valentine’s Day gift list would be amiss to not begin with the crowning glory of love itself. There is something poetic about the undeniable beauty of the luscious, thick red petals of a long stemmed rose and the hidden prick of the thorn, though we will leave it to actual poets to explore the parallels. The most important thing to remember is that it is the perfect gift to declare ones love and bring a sweet smile to your amour. Making you the King of Hearts.

Roses Only is our florist of choice for those surprise Valentine’s Day bouquets. They carefully package each of the beautiful blossoms, long stemmed and leggy, in an elegant packaging that is secure during delivery and they will even tuck a decadent golden box of Godiva chocolates inside with this code: Free Shipping for Valentines Roses delivered on 2/12


Sometimes the way you feel is as simple as black and white, no pretense needed, you love who you love. And, how do you love thee? You can count the ways in your own words using the most heart skipping of ways – the love letter. Opening a love letter, not really knowing what to expect and seeing your beloved’s hand writing, sharing their most private thoughts is an unforgettable and treasured experience. Possibly include a stationary gift set and you’re sure to get a reciprocating love note all for yourself, or give an agenda and put yourself on the to-do list.

SMYTHSON: Locket Valentine’s Day Card

We recommend Smythson of Bond Street, who represent over 130 years of British luxury leather goods and stationary at their most refined and unrivalled craftsmanship. Smythson has long catered to the highly discerning, from European Royalty and the Indian Maharajas to the likes of Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, Claudette Colbert and Vivien Leigh. No doubt that your sweetheart will be in the best of company.


Lighting the flames of romance. A luxurious candle is wonderful idea for a gift that keeps on giving. Every time your darling lights the wick dreamy memories of the moment they received the gift will come flooding back to them. Carrière Frères, the sister company to the iconic Cire Trudon of France, with a focus on botanical palettes has offered up a Valentine’s Day ‘Love Is A Rose’ collection that is practically a European rose garden in a cup. Their fragrances such as La Rose Aime L’Ambre & La Rose Aime La Menthe are transportive and delicious.


Fornasetti, the whimsical and irreverent Italian decorative Maison, has recently released a few beauties that would be a lovely keepsake for those romantics among us. The face of the opera singer Lina Cavalieri, the star of countless reinterpretations by Piero Fornasetti, is depicted in beautiful feminine motifs. The perfect addition to a collection or maybe just the start of your own Valentine’s Day tradition.



Of course, in your eyes your muse has an effortless god-given beauty, to be sure. But, she most likely is also a secret skincare junkie and we thought you might like to know (wink). Truly, the mistress of your heart often pines for certain beauty elixirs, distilled from divinity’s own magic found in the sea and the sky, exotic flowers and herbs, things that are hard to pronounce, that come in tiny jewel colored bottles and are endlessly fun to use.

Here are two of our favorites. Goldfaden MD’s Fleuessence Oil is a native botanical cell oil overflowing with potent essences and oils to brighten her face and her day. While MARA brings the miracle of the sea, powerful adaptogens, hydration and that perfect beach babe glow.




Sometimes the heart whispers, “Tell me a story”. Her lover whispers back, “What kind of story?” ” A story of love”, she replies. And, then the whole of love rushes up at him. All of the by chance moments, the stolen glances and coquettish behavior, tearful train station goodbyes, secret rendezvous’, private conversations over coffee, inside jokes, pillow talk and the one day he woke up and realized that he didn’t just love, no, he was in love and it surrounded him like water, in all he did and all he said, his thoughts and the choices he made. The future he was creating. He kissed her cheek and said, “What do I know of love?”, and he gave her book instead.


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