An exquisite element joins the spaces that already make up Palazzo Avino: The
Pink Closet.
A haven of chic Italian style curated with an eye to celebrate all that is feminine, dreamy and luxurious.

In the magical atmosphere of the historic dwelling perched on the picturesque
cliffs of Ravello,
an exclusive boutique designed by the architect Cristina
Celestino is opening. The color pink, the symbol of the Hotel, and the sea are the starting point for the project which follows a signature look developed ad hoc to establish a dialogue with the building and its surroundings. A cozy and sophisticated
scenario perfectly balanced between the land and sea, where nature has been transposed in regular geometries.

The Pink Closet

The boutique stands a few yards from the hotel entrance and access is through
a store window looking on to the street. After you cross the threshold, the
perception is that of being in a contemporary grotto, with shadows of the sea
that fade out in the depths. In a setting of dusty pink which characterizes the
walls and the high ceilings with a soaring cross vault, on the floor inlaid
polychromatic marble stands out, recreating the changing shades of the
seabed: from the tones of aquamarine green to liberty green and to Aegean

The Pink Closet

The space is characterized by the echoes between finishes and materials which
connote the architectonic elements and the furnishings, between smooth and
textured surfaces and others that are more finished and lacquered.
Transparencies and reflecting surfaces of antiqued mirrors pervade the space
and some accessories to recall the surface of the sea, while the walls are
partially covered in enameled ceramic shells in a mixture of shades of pale
green and pink, blending on to the walls until they disappear.
The central island is a functional microarchitecture covered in mirrors on the
side facing the entrance and in soft nubuck leather on the side facing the fitting

The Pink Closet

” I imagined an intimate and feminine place with a delicate atmosphere, a “room
of wonders” to hold clothes and accessories resulting from attentive research
and Cristina has created this dream with the poetry and elegance that
distinguish her. I wanted my “closet” of dreams to become reality and now it has
a real and defined shape thanks to this project.”

– Mariella Avino, Managing Director

The Pink Closet

The space, filled with original shapes and exquisite details, discreetly reveals
showcases with wonders, small chairs and furniture with delicate volumes
designed for the occasion, while the fitting room is a soft and padded niche,
covered in decorated carpet.
Completing the design with refined decorative touches, two large suspension lamps inspired by the world of jewelry, a rotating mirror with an incorporated
visor and an exquisite micro-mosaic in marble and mirror enriching the frame of
the showcase.

The Pink Closet

“The Pink Closet comes into being as a small piece of architecture which
encloses and harmonizes different colours, materials and textures, so that
visitors, from the moment they cross the threshold, can enjoy an immerse visual
and tactile experience.
It is a project that aims to be a hymn to beauty, in all its forms, that could only
take shape in the extraordinary setting of Palazzo Avino.”

– Cristina Celestino, Architect

The Pink Closet

The Boutique is the result of several months of research.
The study, without borders, went from New York to London, from Crete to New
Delhi, then using all the excellent Italian craftsmanship to its best advantage
along the way. The Pink Closet is therefore a “workshop” of continuous
discovery, where creations selected for their uniqueness, elegance and
refinement shine.
A place of enchantment and wonder, where the unexpected, the unusual, the
unfindable and the beautiful in its purest sense, beyond aesthetic, can be
The boutique welcomes to surprise and is a place of wonders for fashionistas.

Palazzo Avino

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Photo Credits: The Pink Closet; Palazzo Avino