With all the elegance one would expect from such an iconic design house Baccarat has added a sumptuous collection to their repertoire. The Baccarat La Maison home collection features lush fabrics, deep seating, faceted angles and, of course, sparkle.

Baccarat La Maison

The decadence of rich hardwoods accented by faceted prisms of Baccarat crystal are the kind of striking elements that are found throughout the collection.

Baccarat La Maison: Tuile Grande Table
Designed By Chafik
“The lightness of the magnificent, elegant silhouettes and long legs of the Grande Table will grace any space thanks to the precious polished wood Red American Elm or Ebony Wayan top decorated with crystal tiles. “

Baccarat La Maison: Le Bar
Baccarat La Maison: Le Bar
” Le Bar is a masterpiece that interprets the Baccarat world of glamour with its goblets, Martini and long drink glasses and Champagne saucers and flutes. “

Faceted angles can be found not only in the crystal but also in the luxurious upholstery, exotic wood tables, and boldly shaped furniture.

Baccarat La Maison: Octogone Bed
” The most noble and refined craftsmanship in the art of glassmaking is interpreted through the cross-section of a prism, which designs the profile of the Octogone line. Armchair, pouf and chaise longue draw their inspiration from the iconic pendant featuring a red ruby, the hallmark of Baccarat. The coffee table made of polished metal features an ultra-clear glass top, available in three sizes, set into the frame like a precious stone. The bed sports an octagon-shaped front reminiscent of a multi-faceted crystal, and a soft bed frame, which is tilted, like the headboard. “
Baccarat La Maison: Octogone Armchair & Pouf
” Armchair, pouf and chaise longue draw their inspiration from the iconic pendant featuring a red ruby, the hallmark of Baccarat.”
Baccarat La Maison: Gemme Bedside Table
” The Gemme collection comprises TV cabinet, bedside table, drawer unit, sideboard and bookcase. The latter forms the ideal centrepiece for a room and like the other pieces featured in the collection, is available in precious American elm, rosewood or dark ebony woods. The crystal ornament lends a fascinating trail of light to the room, floating magically on the illuminated crystal tiles. “

Baccarat La Maison is developed and produced by the Italian brand Luxury Living Group who creates high quality furniture collections for some of the most important international brands. With impeccable taste and an enviable eye for detail together they have created an exquisite collection for exquisite homes.

Baccarat La Maison: Eclat Table
” Entirely handcrafted in polished steel with one of its three legs illuminated by seven New York-style crystal tiles. “