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When you’re heading up a company founded on the work of one of fashion’s most iconic women of all time you have a lot to live up to. Fortunately Alexander Vreeland, the grandson of Diana Vreeland, is cut from the same chic cloth.

Diana Vreeland perfumes has been capturing hearts from the day they debuted. Based on the famous infatuation that Diana Vreeland had with fragrance. As editor of Harper’s Bazaar for twenty-six years, and then editor of Vogue, Diana was able to indulge in all of the raptures that the essences of Earth could offer. It was her passion, her mission, her signature. And in her own way, it was her gift. Roses and jasmine, sandalwood and amber, orange blossoms and musk, wherever she went the air was spiced with her fragrance choices and everyone could breathe in the scented portrait she was painting.

Alexander Vreeland Headshot 1
Alexander Vreeland

When Alexander was asked by his father and uncle to take over the family business it was not something that he had intend in his youth, with aspirations far outside of the fashion world. However, the best laid plans often lead to unexpected roads and as Alexander said his life took twists and turns that surprisingly lead him home when duty called. Among those twists and turns that we all inevitably make in life was being Head of Communications for Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. Undoubtedly these experiences gave him the leadership skills and business savvy that have allowed him to take the reins in a graceful and assertive way. As he assumed his role one thing was certain, that he had a story that he wanted to tell and he knew just how to do it.

We had the good fortune to meet with Alexander at Bergdorf Goodman as he graciously took us through the collection and shared what it means to him, as well as share his newest fragrance.

Much like his grandmother Alexander is painting a portrait, or more appropriately a mural in homage to the lady and her accomplishments, and he too is using fragrance, essence, and oils as pigments to adorn the canvas. Bottle by bottle revealing windows into the past. From the jasmine flowers growing up the wall at her villa in Morocco where their fragrance floated in the North African heat, saturating and seductive; to the thick richness of ambers and sandalwood that spoke to her of Russia, a huge frosted wonderland of oriental luxuries. A land that she visited with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis on their quest to procure Peter the Great’s boots. They were for her 1976 exhibit, The Glory of Russian Costume. The stories continue as more and more intimate details are revealed.

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Diana Vreeland

This is a very luxurious and privileged story. One that Alexander believes that in its heart is a story of a woman. A woman who is feminine, who is bold, a game changer. A modern woman. And in the spirit of Diana’s panache and her ever present mission to remain au courant, he paints this picture using the fragrance technique and style of today. He believes that this labor of love is about raising the decibel and sparing no expense. So much so that the Diana Vreeland brand doesn’t set a production budget. After all Diana believed that real luxury was excess. And in this abundance the talented perfumers who work with Alexander get free rein of the best money can buy to create these magical elixirs. Only oils of the finest quality are allowed. This isn’t about keeping the bottom line or status quo, anything but. This is about living up to the standards the Vreeland name was founded on. No matter the budget or time it takes to get it right. Because if it doesn’t meet Alexander’s standards it doesn’t get made. Period.

Diana Vreeland WEB_VivaciouslyBold_V2B

The latest fragrance endeavor, which was unveiled in February, was two years in the making. With such a long nurturing time they are incredibly excited to introduce, Vivaciously Bold. Now unleashed, she is a spirited creature based on one of the pillars in perfumery, vetiver. Traditionally vetivers can be predominately earthy and thick, often present in men’s cologne. So, taking on one of the big scents in the perfumer’s pallet was very important to Alexander and he wanted it to be a vetiver with curves. One that is unexpectedly feminine and joyful. Working with master perfumer Carlos Benaim they were able to develop this darling into one that first flashes exuberance in its freshness, bright in its top notes. As she warms to the chemistry of your skin a creamy vetiver settles in like a kitten purring. She’s distinctive and plays well with several elements. Vivaciously Bold is a capricious jewel in their collection and is sure to be setting new standards in the perfume industry as this unique fragrance introduces the new worlds of vetiver, delving into her other facets. Groundbreaking, breathlessly exploring the territory ahead, opulence her sillage, saying yes to Vivaciously Bold is saying yes to all that women can be. All that you can be. From the brand that championed women from the start, Diana Vreeland is for the eternally modern woman.

To Explore The Full Collection Visit: DIANA VREELAND

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