Fashion: Fresh Faces At Men’s NYMD

New York Men’s Day is always jam packed with the latest trends in men’s wear, and this year was no different. Some of our favorite fresh faces, though all interpreted in their own ways, made the overcoat the “it” piece of their collection. There was a cool, chill vibe that left pretense behind and the collections represented young men living their best life, comfortable in the clothes and the skin they’re in. A rooted and organic drive seemed to flow and the designers’ approaching fashion as art was apparent.


Retro, vintage garments and fabric upcycled into California cool styles has helped the fashion brand STAN catch the eye of editor’s everywhere. Family, travel, wear, mending & love; these are the words that the brand uses as foundational pillars. Has designer Tristan Detwiler, hit the pulse of a cultural movement?

As we have been challenged unexpectedly these words take deeper meaning and all are exploring the fact that family and community take mending and love as we face life’s ups and down. And, as we do, wearing something that stylishly speaks of our unique stories coming together in a quilted patchwork that reminds us we’re all puzzle pieces fitting beautifully, perfectly, together; well, it just feels right.


A brand that was made to woo you, or help you woo, as the case may be. Designer Kyle Smith creates “to inspire, entice, approach, and create futuristic romance – today, yesterday, and tomorrow.” That’s a tall order but heartthrob’s everywhere know that you have to dress the part.

The collection is a wearable urban, casual that plays well day or night with a mostly neutral palette.


Timo Weiland offered a thoughtful collection that is a study in classic pieces that spoke more through fresh colors and paired down lines while accessories added shades of reflective metallic.


“Finn lives by the sea and the sea lives by him” borrowed from the book “Ocean Meets Sky” by the Fan

Marine layers and
patterns to lighter and crisper shades of pebble, shale and driftwood offset by soft hues of chambray blues
the Spring/Summer 2021 collection plays with tones of the ocean and its surroundings, the Hamptons
beaches, its seascapes and dunes.

Designer Teddy Vonranson was inspired by his thoughtful walks by the sea and ultimately his collection is based on the collision found on the horizon between sea and sky.